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Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Art Statement

Collage of Textiles

About the Installation

The fashion industry has come to an era of fast fashion ensured by globalization that delivers the trend of each season to almost anyone in the world, no matter which city you live in. What does that mean to us? It means the cost of pursuing the newest trend has become easier and easier. We often find ourselves looking at a full closet of clothes from last year that we just simply don't want to wear again this year. Then it becomes natural to throw these useless clothes away, after all, they didn't cost us much to purchase to begin with.

But, are they truly useless? We began our installation of what we call "the collage of textiles" with that question in mind. We collected about 200 of these so-called "no longer needed" clothes including T-shirts, shorts, coats, skirts, dresses and so on, made of all commonly used materials including cotton, wool, silk, leather, nylon, polyester, and of a large variety of colors. By cutting them into pieces and sewing them together, we were able to make a giant collage of fabric with all kinds of textiles, color, and materials, with that, we hope to visually showcase just how much fabrics we're wasting by ditching these outdated clothes.

Another angle we're taking a stab at this is we want to create this piece of work and demonstrate that for a creator that wants to create something, may it be a piece of artwork, a piece of furniture, even a bag that can be used for shopping, look no further than what we wear and use on a daily basis, a bit of work can make what seems regular in our daily life into something creative and fun.

After all, art is an alternative world, one we create from the world we regularly live in with imaginations.

Artwork name: "The Colloage of Textiles”

Medium: Recycled Clothes

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