Du Ren - Echo - Nature with Plastic

Updated: Oct 10, 2018



Art Statement

Pollution is another type of ecology, planting more trees can not save the planet, she does not even care.


The industrial revolution has made such big impact as mankind start to believe

they got the power to change the nature and landform. Since then, man and nature

have become opposite sides. We, urban citizens, live in the concrete jungle, mostly

turn a blind eye to pollution far away, but still keep provoking to plant more trees,

because we want to frame nature into what we assume it to be like.


However, if we zoom out a little bit, compare millions years mankind history to

billions year of earth, how dare we say that we can impact the process of nature

fundamentally? Our planet has experienced volcanic activity, meteorite attack,

geological reconstruction, cosmic ray bursting, she survived. Do you still think

those plastic bags have the power to destroy the earth?


Plastic bags can only destroy human, which our planet does not care about. Our

romantic imagination for the nature is dangerous when we are dealing with the

environment, we should know better about the complex relationship between

nature and human, face to what we have done to the earth and deal with the trouble

we made to ourselves.

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