Clementine Sandner - Mikan - Kimono Upcycling

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

French Designer based in Kyoto, Japan. Kimono Upcycling.




Art Statement


About the Installation

Clementine Sandner is the Founder and Creative behind the accessories label “mikan”,a translation of her name’s meaning -mandarina- into Japanese. Describing herself as an « upcycler », the French designer is driven by the challenge of recreating something desirable from that which was seemingly 'waste'.

Clementine’s process always begins with sourcing kimono & obi fabrics from local flea markets or auction sales. Extremely sensitive to the aesthetic of Japanese prints, which evoke natural phenomena with elegant simplicity and surprising modernity, she will turn her favourite ones, back into a new life.

Like blossoming flowers, the design then evolves from experimenting with combinations of prints and hues, and as well as modern accents such as reflective detailing and transformable shapes.

In a world where everything can be newly created from zero, mikan looks at these discarded materials like witnesses of a timeless beauty. For mikan, elements of traditions evolve, thus survive, in modern times.

Each bespoke design is unique, hand-finished and orders can be customised upon request.

Artwork name: "Mikan”

Medium: Kimono second hand

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