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We are a team of passionate art & fashion lovers from Parsons, School of Visual Art, banking, and engineering. We love fashion, and we love our globe.

We believe that Fashion is love living & Sustainability is love being.


We are proud of our creators. They come from diverse backgrounds and countries, but share the same love for fashion and sustainability. The material they use may be simple, but the ideas behind the artwork are inspirational. Their creativity turned waste into beauty, and light into timeless stories. 


We are proud of our message, which is why we chose to risk everything in order to make it available for everyone. Instead of charging people at the door, we want people to see our art and pay us only based on how much they feel it is worth, according to how much value they gleaned from it. 


Finally, as the owner of UpDown - we are proud to say that we are the first month long sustainable art/fashion popup exhibition in NYC. We look forward to working with you through the month of October as our event attracts more and more art enthusiasts and environmentally conscious human beings like yourself. Please help us spread the word, and don’t hesitate to reach us via




      Sunny Guo, Leah Li

Design/Retail Director:

      Helen Huang

Window Display:

      Helen Huang

Art Director:

      Bingmi Wang, MindSight Lab Inc

Space Design:


Graphic Designer:

      Yinuo Pei

UI/UX Designer:

      Aric Dama

Media Strategist:

      MindSight Lab, Serena Huang, Sechs Element


      Helen Huang | Marc Bagutta


      Zheng Wang

Fund Raising & Sales Associates:

      Siyu Xu,

      Ruobing Cai,


Special Thanks to:

      Yarui Wang,

      Serena Huang,

      Michelle Han,

      Junyan Wang,

      Diane Lee,

      Shujing Liang,

      Minghao Liu,

      Hanglu Huang,

      Yashu Zhang,

      Qi Su,

      Ming Lu,

      Payton Lee,

      Mei & Ziyi